No doubt my favourite part of a wedding day is seeing the emotion of friends and families coming together.

Chris & Ash’s live’s growing up could not have been further apart, Ash raised in London, Chris who I later found out during the wedding is from my home town of Castlemaine in Central Victoria. Seeing two people and two families come together on the night was just what we love about weddings.

We loved the relaxed nature of Chris & Ash’s wedding day, from a few photos of Chris at the pub earlier in the day to Ash chilling out with her family at a supercool Richmond warehouse where she was preparing for the day.

Both the ceremony and reception where held at the stunning revamped old mansion Church 364 in Richmond. I sure enjoyed the evening seeing a few familiar faces as well as the speeches as Ash’s dad had the guests is stiches laughing while Chris touched everyone with his emotional and heart felt speech.

We would like to thank both Chris & Ash for allowing us to capture their special day.

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