I first met Luca and Bianca at a Leonda by the Yarra Open day, As soon as we discussed there day and the theme they had chosen I was excited to photograph there wedding.

A most beautiful couple who would slide into any era gone by, their wedding day was amazing, Blessed with warm sunshine in the middle of winter Luca the part in his custom made suit with a stand out from the crowd white jacket, While Bianca stole the show in her Rose Zurzolo dress.

Luca and Bianca were married at the St peter and Paul Cathedral in  Port Melbourne while the celebrations took place at our favourite venue the magnificent Leonda by the yarra. 

I cant thank you guys enough for havingme share your day and capturing some amazing memories we will cherish forver.

Again we would like to thank the team from Leonda for treating us so well. The food was exceptional and the service as always spot on. We are so lucky to be a proud preferred supplier to Leonda by the Yarra. Was also great teaming up with the guys from BLVD Media and can’t wait to see their exceptional work.

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