This is our first post for 2012 so we would like to wish all our friends and family a memorable and safe 2012.

We have kicked off the New Year with 3 beautiful weddings already. Today we are going to share with you a little of Jamie & Tommy’s special greek wedding day.

Tommy hails from Darwin and met Jamie during one of his holiday visits to Melbourne, the pair who obviously hit it off now resides in Darwin together but chose Melbourne for the location of their wedding.

Arriving at Tommy’s apartment I was greeted by a few family members in his room, I lost count but there were around 60 of them. I asked him how many of his friends and family had flown down “only about 90” was his reply. So the day began in a room spilling over with family. Battling for position with aunties singing and the groomsmen preparing Tommy for his big day already we knew we were in for a day full of atmosphere and a lot of fun.

Jamie’s house was much the same, in the process of preparing for the ceremony there was dancing, food and drinking. As Jamie pinned a flower on Yia Yia, Micha her father was already emotional and struggled to keep a dry face while leading the parade of dancing along with Jamie’s mother Sofia and the band by their side.

Normally at the church we are waiting inside with apprehension as the bride slowly walks up the aisle…. Not so in this case, with scenes reminiscent of a Greek village, not only was the band playing music at the front of the church, Jamie was greeted by her priest in full voice dancing along with her family.

The greek wedding service was held at St Paraskevi in St Albans after which we headed to Willamstown for wedding photos followed by the celebration at lakeside receptions in Taylors Lakes.

A beautiful day, a beautiful wedding with tears of laughter, joy and my lasting memory, a lot of dancing.