The first wedding to showcase after our little blog hiatus is the wedding of Lozy & Shan.

Back in November the couples pre-shoot appeared up on our blog, it was there in Port Melbourne where I got a small taste of the detail which Lozy had put into her big day.

Lozy and Shan were married at one of Victoria’s finest venues, the Beautiful Sault Daylesford wedding, Central Victoria. That morning one-and-a-half-hour drive from Melbourne was through black clouds and pouring rain.  Little did we know what more surprises that remarkable day would bring.  Greeted by amazing sunshine that would be followed by more rain, windy weather and then a stunning sunset just to cap it off.

Lozy & Shan prepared for their big day in separate houses, while both ceremony and photography took place in the gardens of Sault near the shimmering lake and famous lavender fields all surrounded by beautiful rolling hills.  Months in advance Lozy’s father had built big letters spelling out the word “Love.”  Next to the lake it made a stunning feature where many wedding guests took photographs on the day.

We loved the simplicity and special little details Lozy had prepared for the wedding.

Keep an eye out as we will be bringing you some images of the cute little album Queensberry and Loco put together to showcase Lozy & Shan’s beautiful photographs.