Time for a new post…. today we reflect on one of our favourite weddings from this year. Although wet and rainy all day we had so much fun with Lachlan and Caitlin and on a rainy day where better to take wedding photos than the stunning backdrop of a Werribee Mansion wedding.

Our blog post today is a little different, also more personal as it was written by Lee Fox, mother of our bride, Caitlin. We hope you enjoy.

The night before the wedding, and because I live in rural Victoria, Caitlin’s little sister (and bridesmaid) Mia, and I stayed at Caitlin’s place along with the other three bridesmaids, Ashleigh, Megan and Cassie. Going to sleep that night was a bit like the night before Christmas, it was exciting knowing that the wedding would finally take place. I got up early the next morning and made a special champagne breakfast for the girls.

The guys were getting ready around the corner, at Lach’s parents’ place, while the girls had their hair and makeup done at Caitlin and Lach’s home. Being with the girls created a special bond that I will never forget. I’m not the glamorous type but when I saw them with the makeup artist I decided, why not? While I was being transformed I asked the makeup artist what the best part of her job was. She said – spending time with a bride on one of the most exciting days of her life and being a part of the support team that makes it a wonderful occasion. And the worst parts of the job? Having to deal with a few bridezillas and mother-of-the -bridezillas. Not Caitlin and me, of course.

Caitlin has always been beautiful, and I know I’m biased, but she was the most stunningly beautiful bride I have ever seen. She glowed from the inside out. She wasn’t a bit nervous either. A whole year of planning and preparation was about to unfold and she was ready. When I saw Mia help Caitlin with her bracelet I felt so moved. It reminded me of when Mia was born and how Caitlin, at age twelve, used to help look after her. The cycle of life is a wondrous journey. As a mother it’s a blessing to watch my children’s relationships grow and develop.

Yes, it rained all day. I’m not kidding, I don’t think it stopped for a moment. But you know, it didn’t spoil a thing. Sure, it took a little longer, and a bit of forward planning, to get from point A to point B but everything went super smoothly regardless of the weather. It just shows that when you focus on the most important aspects of the day, and let go of all the rest, nothing is going to stand in your way and stop you from having the time of your life.

I think Bruce had looked forward to this day ever since Caitlin was born. He is the kind of father who feels very proud of his children and he has very tender feelings for Caitlin. The bets were on as to when he would shed his first tears. It happened when Caitlin emerged from her bedroom and descended the stairs, followed by her bridesmaids, to meet him. Bruce’s tears flowed freely. To be honest we all felt the same way. It was a poignant moment.

I found myself thinking of Lach and the boys, and what they might be doing, while Caitlin and the girls were on their way to Werribee Mansion. I hoped that Lach was feeling calm and steady – I thought he would be – but you never know how a man is going to be on his wedding day. The bride is always the centre of attention but there’s a lot expected of the groom too. It’s a big gig for him. It was good they changed the plan the day before and decided to have the ceremony in the marquee – just in case the weatherman made the right call.

Finally Caitlin arrived and walked down the aisle with her dad. There was an audible sigh from the guests as she emerged from the rain into the marquee. It reminded me of a contemporary version of The Birth of Venus.

The wedding harnessed all the energy that a powerful amount of love can bring to an occasion. After the ceremony the joy in the marquee was palpable. Caitlin and Lach looked so happy and in love. Witnessing this touched us all in a profound way. Theo’s photographs captured these moments perfectly. Looking at the photos now, we are transported back to the great happiness we felt in our hearts on the day. They keep our memories and feelings alive and connected to that special time in our family’s history.

Werribee Mansion wedding was the perfect fairytale backdrop for Caitlin and Lach’s. The timeless beauty of the setting added much to the occasion. Every detail was carefully planned and executed and the staff went out of their way to support that process. What a way to unite two families and start married life together.

By Lee Fox